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Worth knowing

The inner values count
Don’t be fooled by a seemingly dry surface. The water spreads out below the surface - usually only the surface of the soil under the drip tube is visibly moist. Too much water is also not good for your plants. It is a good idea to keep an eye on the appearance of your plant.

Worth knowing

Maintenance and preparing for winter
Take the pressure reducer apart and store it in a frost-free location. You can leave all the tubes outdoors, however. Clean the Tropf-Blumat sensors in lukewarm water, removing encrusted soil from the clay cones with sandpaper.

Worth knowing

It is best to use slow-release fertilisers that you add to the soil when planting. You can also add fertiliser using the watering can of course.

Home-grown vegetables taste best
You can use Tropf-Blumat to water your vegetables without any hesitation. The synthetic materials used do not contain any plasticisers or any other worrying substances. Quality made in Austria.

All around the house
Tropf-Blumat has been developed especially for outdoor plants. We recommend Blumat Classic and Blumat Easy for indoor plants.