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Water supply

Tap, tank or pump, this is where your watering system starts. You choose.

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The Blumat Pressure Reducer lowers the water pressure constantly to 1 bar, it can be screwed onto any tap with a ¾’’ thread. Your plants can then be positioned 4 metres higher or 3 metres lower than the tap.

Tip: If you attach a two-way connector first, you will then be able to use your tap as usual.


The Tropf-Blumat system also works perfectly well with an elevated tank to which the Blumat Tank Connector is attached. The shape and size are irrelevant but it is important to place the tank higher than the plants. The larger the system and the longer the Feeding Tube, the higher the tank should be placed. The rule of thumb is that the tank should be placed 0.5 metres higher than the plants for every 5 metres of Feeding Tube. That means at least 1 m high for a 10 m Feeding Tube.

Tip: Connect the Blumat Shut-Off Valve a short distance from the Tank Connector. In this way, you can easily interrupt the water supply or separate the tank from the Feeding Tube when carrying out maintenance work.


Supplying water with a pump is similar to using a tap. Attach the Blumat Pressure Reducer to the water outlet of the pump and place the suction hose in a fountain or a tank, then it’s ready for use. Only use a pump with an integrated expansion tank (domestic water system). This will ensure that the pump doesn’t constantly switch on and off. Your plants can then be positioned 4 metres higher or 3 metres lower than the pump.

Feeding Tube

The water is channelled to your plants using an 8 mm Feeding Tube. The total length can be up to 60 metres. If you fit a tee immediately downstream of the water connection, you can even operate a system of 2 x 60 metres.

The Feeding Tube does not need to be disconnected in winter, it can remain in place permanently.

Tip: If you place the Feeding Tube in warm water or in the sun first, it is easier to fit.