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Distribution Drippers

If you use Blumat Distribution Drippers, you can increase the number of watering points for a Tropf-Blumat to up to 5. This means you can achieve a more even water distribution in a large container.

Distribution Drippers

Cut approx. 20 cm long pieces from the 3 mm drip tube. Connect the tube pieces with the distribution drippers and insert an end distribution dripper at the end of the chain.

The chain can consist of up to 5 distribution drippers.
Lay the chain of distribution drippers anywhere around the roots of the plant.

Before installation, water the soil well and insert the Tropf-Blumat. It is important to leave a distance of approx. 8 cm between the Tropf-Blumat and the nearest distribution dripper.

Then position the Tropf-Blumat as usual and only connect the Tropf-Blumat with the chain after it has been put in place.

Tip: Distribution drippers work best if they are installed with a support. This prevents them from getting dirty through contact with the soil and stops roots growing into them. It is also easier to control the water discharge.

Maintenance: The distribution drippers should be unscrewed and thoroughly cleaned once a year. We recommend using an old toothbrush and if there are any limescale deposits, place the individual parts in an off-the-shelf descaling agent or in a water and vinegar solution.